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Want to meet a VR companion or lover on the #1 VR dating app for the metaverse? Want a much-needed break from the suffocating limitations of ‘looks-first’ dating? Want to connect soul-to-soul with interesting people from every corner of the earth?

You can. With Nevermet.

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Real Success stories

Over 100,000 users and
1+ million relationships to date

To every one who is still single: Never give up

... you'll become the happiest person in the metaverse.

I had a match that changed my life.

We saw the love we were having also translated to IRL.

I’ve finally Found My Home

When I saw him at the airport, it felt like I have known him my whole life!

I’m her Goober till
the end!

She gave me Love, attention & kindess.

I was very

But they still went for me and waited until I finally gave in and fell in love.
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1/7 • Press

On our first date, CC and I met on a floating platform suspended in the middle of a distant galaxy. As with much space travel, we experienced a few technical difficulties…I had matched with CC a week earlier on Nevermet.

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New York Times
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2/7 • Press

In the virtual reality dating scene, your avatar can be anything that reflects your personality and interests — including animals, pop culture icons, or robots. The possibilities are limitless, and VR dating is a safe and fun way for people to experiment with their sexuality or gender identity.

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3/7 • Press

Metaverse matchmakers are the antidote to appearance-driven apps like Tinder and OkCupid…On these apps, you are judging someone in milliseconds based on the shape of their nose, or whether they have a Sports Illustrated body or not. In VR, it’s quite the opposite—substance steals looks’ thunder.

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Proto Life
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4/7 • Press

I love how VR is becoming a middle ground for online couples that can’t be together physically but don’t exactly want to be stuck behind the walls of a text.

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5/7 • Press

Avatar-based dating is becoming more and more popular, with many new companies emerging that specialize in this service, such as Nevermet. This fast-growing avatar-based service allows users to match with other VR fans and then meet up anywhere in the metaverse.

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6/7 • Press

Instead of uploading a photo of yourself, you use your metaverse avatar: a chill guy with spiky hair and a tie-dye sweatshirt, a busty woman in red latex fetish gear…If two people like each other’s avatars, they get an alert and can start chatting on the app. From there, they can make plans to meet up in a metaverse of their choosing. “We want to enable limitless relationships”

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7/7 • Press

Top Story with Tom Llamas

Nevermet CEO Cam Mullen joins @LlamasNBC to explain exactly how dating using virtual reality works.

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