Community Guidelines

Okay, so Nevermet operates with fairly stringent community guidelines—not because we’re tyrants or want to control people’s behavior, but because, in our experience, clear rules create a space that sets us all up for the best possible chance at finding the kinds of magical and meaningful connections we’re looking for.
Make sense?  So, here’s what we got.

Profile Requirements

1. Include a Metaverse Avatar

Nevermet is for people who are active in at least one of our approved metaverses. Please have at least one photo of your avatar on your profile from one of these VR/metaverse worlds: VRChat, Horizon Worlds, RecRoom, Roblox, Zepeto, Avakin, NeosVR, Second Life, or IMVU.

2. No Photos of Your IRL Self

Avatars let you express yourself exactly how you want, and they support personality-first relationships. To keep things uniform for all users, we’ve decided that no IRL face photos are allowed.

3. 18+ and IRL Birthdays Required

Users must enter their true IRL birthdate into Nevermet. And we have a strict policy that every user must be at least 18+. Anyone under the age of 18 who has been caught lying about their age will be banned from Nevermet immediately and permanently.

4. Keep Your Profile Classy and Appropriate

No lewd or nude avatars, BDSM test results, slurs, overly-sexualized language or images (such as, “here only for ERP”), vulgar language, hate, discrimination, violent language, links to third-party sites, solicitation (incl. offering services for money), homicidal or suicidal language (if you need help, call 1-800-273-TALK (8255)), or any mailing or email addresses.

5. Respect Creators and Copyright (No Avatar Ripping)

Make sure your profile is using avatar photos you have the right to use. You may not upload or use photos of avatars which you do not have permission to use, nor upload photos of avatars which you have stolen.

6. Have a complete and ready-to-be-seen profile

Your profile must be complete and ready to be seen by people in the community. It will be denied if it has a"placeholder" picture, or bios or text prompt responses that read something like: "asdfasdfasdfasdkfj" or "I'll fill this in later." Once you are accepted, people will start to see your profile. So to be accepted, it has to be ready for primetime.

Messaging and Interaction Guidelines

7. Don’t Be Toxic

We want a safe, vibrant community, which means no mean or toxic behavior. Hateful, racist, or vile messages will get you banned. Doxxing, gaslighting, messages w/ hurtful intent, bullying, fat-shaming, intimidation, discriminating, will not be tolerated.

8. Unsolicited Sexual Advances Are Not Okay

Don’t start a conversation asking for sex or nudes. Period. It’s inappropriate and makes people feel uncomfortable. Yes, we are sex-positive, but please never ever assume that someone wants your sexual advances.

9. No Solicitation

Nevermet does not allow any form of solicitation. Users may not promote their onlyfans, fansly, Discord community, VR club, or any other group or company without explicit permission from Nevermet.

We’re in this together

Please report any instances of rule breaking or suspicious activity by pressing the “report” button in the app. You can also email us at or reach out to our admins in Discord. It’s not snitching; it’s just keeping our community healthy.

That’s it! Nothing too difficult, we hope. Basically, just be a good, respectful human, and focus on forming amazing connections with amazing people.