Limitless Relationships

Being alone sucks.

We're social creatures and are at our best when we're connected.

On the surface. our modern world looks more communal than ever.
But if you peel back the layers, you'll discover a culture of isolation and longing.
And when it comes to dating, specifically-it's time to completely rethink what's possible.
Because most of us are stuck in a superficial world where dating options are limited to the tiny fraction of people in our vicinity.
Most of us can only dream about a date at the Eiffel Tower or on an intergalactic unicorn ride through space.
But that's about to change.

We're giving rise to a new relationship culture, where relationships in the metaverse are everything we've ever hoped for in our quest for connection.

Now, people might presume the "real world" is real and that VR is fake.
They're wrong.
The truth is. VR frees us to explore the depths of authentic expression and connection.
A VR dating app might sound futuristic, like science-fiction, maybe
But don't let the novelty of it fool you.
Twenty years from now, dating in the metaverse will be so commonplace that people will hardly be able to conceive of a time when it didn't exist.