#1 VRChat Dating App

Nevermet is the best place to meet VRChat users for dating or making friends.

Here’s some information about how to get started on VRChat, and how to use your VRChat avatar and identity on Nevermet.

About VRChat

Nevermet users say that VRChat is the most fun and cutting edge metaverse for adults in the world - no wonder it’s our most popular metaverse. It’s the closest thing to the famous Ready Player Me movie. Learn more on the VRChat website.

How to get on VRChat

You can download VRChat to your VR headset, through the Meta Quest Store or Steam.
Meta Quest
Steam VR
You can also play it from your desktop, by downloading it to your PC from Steam.
Steam PC
Get VRChat photos onto your Nevermet Profile

First you need to take photos in VRChat, then you need to export them onto your phone to upload them to the Nevermet mobile app.

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How to take pictures
on VRChat?

Here are steps on how to use the in-game camera on VRChat:

1 - open your menu
2 - tap on camera to spawn the floating digital camera (which has many advanced camera features).
3 - strike a pose, press trigger to capture photos.
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How to Export Photos from Meta Quest to your phone

1 - your VRChat photos should automatically be saved to your media folder on your Quest. And if you have the Quest mobile app, they should automatically sync.

2 - you can also try to connect your Quest headset to your computer through a USB-C cord and access the files through the Android File Transfer app. (be sure to put on the headset and approve the popup to give your computer access to the files on your quest).
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You can also hire
VRChat Photographers

There are several very talented VRChat photographers who can help you take great pictures for $20. Reach out to @billiemee on Discord if you’re interested.