A Safe Community
is a Great Community

User Safety is Nevermet’s #1 priority.

Here are the rules and tools to keep our community 💯

A safe community is a great community

User Safety is Nevermet’s #1 priority.

Here are the rules and tools to keep our community 💯
Nevermet is 18+. All users must enter their birthdate, and if they are under 18, they can’t use Nevermet until their 18th birthday.
Screen when a user under the age of 18 registers.
Manual Reviews and Approvals
Every single user is manually approved into Nevermet by a human moderator. We review every profile to ensure it is following our Community Guidelines. If it does not, the user will be denied and notified with the reason they were denied.
Screen when users’ profile is in review (left).
Screen when user is denied with required changes (right).
ID Verification
To increase trust, users can age-verify by taking a picture of their government-issued ID and their face, to earn a blue checkmark, confirming that they have passed our age-verification test.
Screen showing what a verified blue checkmark means (left).
Screen showing the verification process (right)
Age Verification
If Nevermet has any reason to suspect that a user has lied about their age, they will require the user to pass our age verification system in order to continue using Nevermet.
Screen user sees when forced to Age Verify in order to continue using Nevermet
Control who can message you
Slide left to disconnect from a user, and they will no longer be able to message you.
Screen showing how users can delete a connection
Control who sees you
Activate “Invisible mode” to remove your profile from the feed.
Screen showing how to activate ‘Invisible mode’ (left).
Screen showing what a user sees when ‘Invisible mode’ is active (right).
Block and report users
Block users and they will not see you in their feed, nor will they be able to message you.

Report any user or piece of content that breaks one of Nevermet’s community guidelines.
Screen showing how to block/report a user (left).
Screen that allows you to specify the exact reason for blocking a user. (right)
Nevermet has strict community rules.
Our team reviews reported content and users ASAP and can suspend temporarily or block permanently users who do not comply with our community guidelines.
Screen notifying a user that they are banned.


What happens when something or someone is reported?

Our staff is immediately notified, and looks into the report to identify the issue and respond accordingly.

What can I do if I believe another user is impersonating me?

Report the user in the app and select “impersonation” or email support [at] nevermet.io

How should I deal with a user who is bothering me?

Try telling them kindly that you are not interested. Then unmatch, or block the user using Nevermet’s tools. If their bothering becomes harassment, report the user to Nevermet either through the app or through support [at] nevermet.io

What should I do if I see a user threatening self-harm on Nevermet?

If you see content that indicates a user is in physical danger, please contact a local authority immediately. If you are concerned but don’t think there is a threat of immediate physical harm, there are many ways that you can extend a helping hand – for example, by replying to the user or by pointing them to an organization like the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.